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Using Proper Fluids In Your sedan Or Other Vehicle

Today All Pro Servicenter is talking about the proper fluids for your vehicle. It’s become more complicated with changes in automotive design and manufacturing. It’s not that people in Iowa are confused as much as they don’t realize how much things have changed in recent years. If you have questions about the fluids in your…

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The Right Fluids for Your Vehicle

Des Moines car owners’ current vehicles have over a century of engineering behind them. They have evolved into complex and powerful machines. Developments in their engines, however, have coincided with advances in many other vehicle components, including the fluids. It’s essential for Des Moines car owners to always use the right type of fluid for…

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Gear Up: Transmission Service at All Pro Servicenter in Urbandale

The transmission system in your vehicle allows you to change gears. Lower gears are power gears. They get your vehicle moving and get it up hills. Higher gears get the vehicle up to speed and get it rolling faster. If you have a standard transmission, then you have to do the work of shifting gears…

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